The following websites are good examples of one of the first Masters courses in the Educational Technology program. The goal of the course is to expose students to free online web tools in an effort to allow all teachers regardless of budgets to have tools to utilize in their classrooms. The Webquest, although an older idea, still allows for teachers to create online content to engage learners with media rich content. Note that on example number three how the student embedded a Remind101 RSS feed that he uses in his class to send out messages to parents and students. This is an example of one of the free tools that are discussed in the course being put into action in the field. The digital story gives teachers the opportunity to create a video on the topic of their choice using free audio and video production software. Example number four is an exceptional example of our masters student creating content using free audio and video editing tools. The student is a school library media specialist in New Jersey and chose to produce this dynamic video as a demonstration piece for his elementary students to do research and integrate media production elements into their class presentations of content.

Student 1 | Website Portfolio

(All Projects from EDTC 621)

Student 2 | Website Portfolio

(All Projects from EDTC 621)

Student 3 | Website Portfolio

(All Projects from EDTC 621)

Student 4 | Video
(EDTC 621 Digital Video)

In order to produce doctoral candidates who both understood statistics and were prepared to teach it to their future students, one of the major projects in EDTC 810 (Doctoral Level Statistics) was to create a portfolio website that contained statistics definitions, demonstration videos, and examples. Students were required to work in small groups so that multiple types of statics were able to be produced for a more comprehensive website. The utilization of student produced videos on their individual topics ensure that in an online course students were the ones actually creating the content, which is often times a concern in this type of instructional delivery. This is also a good example of an assessment that is not just a exam format, rather practical applications of the students’ skill sets. Website from EDTC 810 Statistics.


The goal for all of the projects in my courses is that the students receive value added experiences that are beneficial to their learning experience and something that they can utilize in their professional lives. Since the programs include teachers (from Pre-K to High School), faculty in higher education, and industry professionals, I strive to create projects that are fluid and allow for the inclusion of essential theories and skills regardless of the setting that a student currently works in. Often times I receive emails from students discussing how they were able to take a course project and put it right into their own instructional activities. Feedback such as this reassure that my goal of taking good educators and assisting them in honing their craft through coursework is working.


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